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Effective anti-virus software is essential to the continuing security of your computer. There are many adequate software packages which can provide this protection. These packages are continually changing as new technology and new threats arise. Therefore our opinion of which package is best also changes. From our experience of using various anti-virus packages over a long period we currently favour NOD32 anti-virus software for protecting our own and our customers' computers.


NOD32 has a clearly established track record of reliability, is inexpensive, updated automatically via the internet, easy to install, setup and use. However our principal reason for choosing NOD32 over the competition is it's efficiency and transparency when in use. We found that the anti-virus packages we had been using were causing noticeable delays in processing. We then tested NOD32 and found it to be both quick and reliable.


NOD32 is available in many forms from individual PC packages to multi-user network and server licences with remote administration.


For further information please contact us.