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Word 2000 Introduction:

Course Code: ECDLLSL03

Duration: 1day


Course aimed at:

This course is designed for new users of Word 2000 who have some PC and Windows experience.


Previous knowledge required:

Knowledge of the Windows environment is assumed.



Course Contents:

Using the Office Assistant


Word Basics

  • Understanding the Word Window Layout
  • Exploring the Word window Layout
  • Using Menus and Toolbars
  • Word Default settings
  • File Operations
  • Creating a New Document


Revising Text and Printing

  • Moving Around the Document
  • Selecting, Editing and Deleting Text
  • Using Undo/Redo
  • Moving and Copying Text


Viewing Modes

  • View Options
  • Document Map
  • Using Zoom


Text Formatting

  • Character Formats
  • Font Changes
  • Change Case and Show/Hide Markers
  • Inserting Special Characters and Symbols
  • Paragraph Formats
  • Paragraph Alignment
  • Indentation
  • Bullets and Numbering Lists
  • Line Spacing


Creating Styles

  • Creating and Using Styles



Page Layout

  • Setting Margins, Paper Size and Orientation
  • Section Breaks
  • Page Breaks and Pagination
  • Headers and Footers
  • Page Numbering


Working With Multiple Documents

  • Working With Several Documents
  • Moving and Copying Text Between Windows


Proofing Tools and Automatic Features

  • Using Proofing Tools
  • Finding and Replacing Text


Working With Tabs and Tables

  • Using Tabs
  • Working With and Formatting Tables
  • Formatting Text in a Table


Templates and Wizards

  • Using, Creating and Modifying Templates
  • Using Wizards


Creating a Mail Merge

  • Understanding and Creating a Mail Merge


Working With Pictures and AutoShapes

  • Inserting ClipArt Clips
  • Scaling, Cropping and Manipulating Pictures
  • Inserting AutoShapes
  • Enhancing Objects