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Information and Communication Using Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express:

Course Code: ECDLLSL07

Duration: 1day


Course aimed at:

This course is designed for new users of Internet Explorer and Outlook express who have some PC and windows experience.


Previous knowledge required:

Knowledge of Windows environment is assumed.


Course Contents:

Introduction to the internet

  • Understanding the Internet
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Internet addressing
  • Understanding the World Wide Web


Introducing Internet Explorer

  • Getting Started With internet Explorer
  • Working With the Internet Explorer Screen
  • Accessing Web Addresses
  • Favourite Places
  • Getting Help
  • Adjusting Internet Explorer Basic Settings
  • Exiting Internet Explorer


Web Searching and Printing

  • Searching the World Wide Web
  • Searching in Internet Explorer
  • Printing
  • Adjusting the Page Setup


Understanding Outlook Express

  • What is Outlook Express?
  • Starting Outlook Express
  • The Outlook Screen
  • Using the Outlook Express Bar
  • Working With the Folder List
  • Exiting Outlook Express

Getting Help in Outlook Express

  • The Office Assistant
  • Using the Help Facility


Working With Electronic Mail

  • Composing, Addressing and Sending Mail
  • Receiving and Reading Mail Messages


Working With the Personal Address Book

  • Using a Personal Address Book
  • Creating a Personal Distribution List


Maintaining Mail

  • Replying to and Forwarding Messages
  • Finding and Sorting Messages
  • Printing and Deleting Messages


Working With Folders

  • Creating Folders
  • Moving and Copying Folders
  • Removing and Deleting Folders