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The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) was designed to raise the level of competence in IT throughout Europe. It compromises a set of basic core competencies in which holders must prove proficiency.  As such it is the only internationally accepted qualification, recognised by employers as being an accurate indication of the holder's computer skills, and indeed employers are increasingly relying on the ECDL to validate training courses and to recruit computer literate staff.  It comprises seven modules covering the following:

Lyndean Software Ltd is an accredited test centre for ECDL (one of the few Test Centres in Fife) and is presently offering full ECDL training courses. Our standard training and testing packages include the following:


All of the tests are run using Microsoft Office 2000.


ECDL (Full)

Seven tests, registration and logbook. Each test lasts up to 45 minutes.


ECDL (Full) plus pre-tests

As above with an additional pre-test before sitting the main test


ECDL Individual tests

For individual modules, the logbook is not included. Cost of logbook and registration is an extra ?25, if not already registered.


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ECDL Individual tests plus pre-tests

As above with a pre-test as practice for the main test.


ECDL Individual tests and training courses

One day's training plus test for individual modules. Cost of logbook is not included Training for groups of no more than 6.


ECDL (Full) with full training courses

Seven tests with seven day's training, registration and logbook. Training for groups of no more than 6.


ECDL training courses only

Seven individual day's training, taken at the learner's own discretion.


Distance Learning ECDL

CD -ROM, manuals and workbooks for all 7 modules delivered. Tests and logbook included. Phone and email support are also included


Our day courses cover each module in full. You have the opportunity to sit the test required at the end of each course or you can arrange to sit the test at a time more convenient to you. Each test takes up to 45 minutes and the results are available immediately