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We offer the following standard Microsoft Office training courses: (click on the course title to toggle course details)

  • Word 97/98/2000 Foundation/Refresher 1 Day

  • Starting to use Word
    Font Formatting
    Paragraph Formatting
    Page Formatting
    Introducing Tables and Columns
    Proofing tools Within Word
    Using the Clipboard: Copy and Paste

  • Word 97/98/2000 Intermediate 2 Day

  • Further Formatting Techniques
    File Management in Word
    Using Find, Replace and Go To
    Mail Merge, Envelopes and Labels
    Text Boxes, Graphics and Word Art
    Object Linking and Embedding

  • Word 97/98/2000 Advanced 2 Day

  • Styles and Templates
    Using Autoformat
    Long Documents Section Formatting and Master Documents
    Using Fields
    Customising Word
    Advanced Use of Find and Replace
    Miscellaneous Advanced Features

  • Excel 97/98/2000 Foundation/Refresher 1 Day

  • The Advantages of Using Excel
    Studying the Excel Screen and Environment
    Formatting and Customising Data
    Formulas, Functions and Named Ranges
    Introducing Charts

  • Excel 97/98/2000 Intermediate 1 Day

  • Renaming, Inserting, Deleting and Grouping Worksheets
    Further Formatting Techniques
    Conditional Formatting
    Further Functions
    Data Validation
    Database and List Management
    Formatting and Customising Charts
    Adding Drawings and Pictures
    Linking Data to and From Excel and Other Applications

  • Excel 97/98/2000 Advanced 1 Day

  • Templates and Styles
    Importing Data
    What If Utilities
    Macros and Custom Controls
    Customising Excel
    Security and Proofing Within Excel
    Data Maps

  • Powerpoint 97/2000 Foundation/Refresher 1 Day

  • Introduction to Powerpoint, its Screen and its Views
    Using AutoLayout
    Bulleted Lists, Columns,Tables and Charts
    Using the AutoContent Wizard
    Creating a Simple Text Slide
    Formatting and Proofing Text
    Pictures and Backgrounds
    Creating and Running a Slide Show
    Printing a Presentation
    Customising Powerpoint

  • Powerpoint 97/2000 Intermediate 1 Day

  • File and Folder Management
    Adding Text to Files
    Advanced Formatting and Proofing Text
    Publishing Presentations on the Web
    Using Masters
    The Microsoft Clip Gallery
    Creating Tables
    Organisation Charts
    Powerpoint and Other Applications
    Printing a Presentation
    Customising Powerpoint

  • Access 97/2000 Foundation/Refresher 1-2 Day

  • Introduction to Database Concepts and Access
    Database Design and Table Creation
    Formatting a Table
    Locating and Replacing Information
    Creating Simple Queries
    Creating Calculated Fields
    Introducing Forms
    More On Creating Forms
    Creating and Printing Reports
    Label and Chart Wizard


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We also offer courses (and assessment) specifically aimed at attaining the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) qualification. For further details of ECDL courses please  select the ECDL option from the navigation menu on the left.


We also have other courses available. Please enquire for details.


Any of our courses can be tailored to your individual requirements.


Training can be carried out on your site or at our Dalgety Bay Training facility.


All full day courses at our facility include a light lunch and refreshments.