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With today's resources and technology, we are able to provide you with a full range of off-site secretarial and administration services.



Modern communication methods means distance is no barrier. Secretaries no longer need to be in the same town or even country as the person or business they work for - therefore, relieving you of the expense and commitment involved in establishing, equipping and staffing an office.


This service is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses or self-employed professionals working from home or a limited work space.


We can also offer a complete service for larger companies with occasional need for extra secretarial help (to cover holidays, maternity leave, illness or just busy periods).

We will be delighted to discuss your requirements however small or large, whether you are a business or individual customer.


We can produce, send, and receive the following on your behalf (using faxes, e-mail, the Internet, courier/postal service, Mini, Micro or Standard transcriptions or by personal collection and delivery if you are locally based): Printed Hard Copies, Floppy Disks, E-Mail Attachments, CD Archives, Letters, E-Mails, Faxes, Telephone Messages...


Urgent work can be e-mailed as a Word attachment directly to you for printing on your own stationery or completed work can be sent the old fashioned way via "snail mail".


On-site temporary secretarial support can be provided to local companies by appointment and subject to availability. The services of security-cleared staff are also available to more sensitive establishments. A staff CV can be provided on request.



We can help with the production of newsletters, flyers, menus, posters, calendars, advertisements, press releases, promotional material or leaflets.


Using a high quality colour laser printer we can print the work in colour or arrange for colour production at a professional printer (prices on application on receipt of details of your requirements).



If you do not have the facility to produce A4 overhead slides but you need to deliver a lecture or presentation your notes can be turned into a professional presentation, laser printed onto transparency acetates. Using Microsoft PowerPoint and other applications we can offer a choice of graphics, charts and clip art and provide a disk or e-mail the finished work.



We can both provide a simple service and type your CV to your requirements or provide advice on layout and content. You can have as many printed copies as required on a choice of 80gsm or 100gsm white or coloured paper. A copy on a floppy disk can be retained to make future changes easier. Job application letters with addressed envelopes can be typed to your requirements.


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We can help with conference organisation or the planning of special events and assist with travel arrangements. We can manage your diary, scheduling appointments. an e-mail address can be provided for those who do not own a computer and feel that an e-mail address would help their business image, we would forward any e-mails received on your behalf.



Whether you need a simple letter typed or a complete report  we can provide a confidential, prompt service. We are fully conversant with all Microsoft Office packages and can supply a professionally finished document on plain paper or using your own stationery. We can help with everything  from letters and memos to reports, journals or complete procedure manuals.


We are equipped to handle audio dictation (both micro, mini and standard cassettes) for all business, medical and legal needs. All specific layout requirements can be accommodated i.e. columns, tables, charts, graphics and desktop publishing.


For the publisher, literary editor, or individual writer, hand-written notes, typed drafts or audio transcriptions can be turned into a finished manuscript. We can also help with the tedious but critical task of proof reading as any mistakes overlooked can be costly to correct at the page proof stage.



If you want to send a mailing to existing or potential  customers, we can provide the letter, individually addressed if necessary or address labels and stuff envelopes. You can either let us handle everything or you may wish to put the envelopes through your franking machine to ensure your company name is printed on the envelope.



If you have not issued those invoices for work carried out because your business leaves you no time then we can take over that chore and ensure that invoices are issued promptly. we can also save you precious time by issuing regular statements and following up overdue payments.