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Our aim at LSL is to help you get the most out of your learning, and maximize your communication and business expertise. In today's competitive world of technology it is important that you and your business remain at the forefront of the market and don?t get left behind.


Here at LSL we have the ideal purpose built learning environment in an accessible and attractive location. Our friendly and dedicated staff are on hand to take you and your employees from absolute basics through to advanced skills. Tuition goes as fast or as slow as the capabilities of the individuals dictate.


We offer :-


Standard courses ? Covering the main aspects of Microsoft Office.


Tailored courses - Customised courses that are specific to you and your business needs.


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Group courses - We accept small groups of 6 to 8 delegates. This allows each individual to gain maximum benefit from the training given.


One to one computer training - These courses can be more intensive for the busy business person or tailored for those with particular requirements. This type of tuition is also less intimidating for the absolute beginner .


Project specific training - For those who may only wish to concentrate on specific tasks for a forthcoming project and do not need overall training in any one chosen software package.


In-house training - You don't need to come to us - we can come to you.


Step by Step - Illustrated delegate manuals professionally written by trainers. Customised manuals can also be arranged.


After course support - As we realise questions always arise ?after the course has finished.?